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At Select Pointe, we know that our success is dependent upon the success of our clients. The most effective way we can help people achieve their goals is through education. Understanding how the pieces of the retirement puzzle fit together is a daunting task, but by addressing all of the risks, we can help you reach your retirement goals. Here are some forms available upon request.

     •   The 13 Little Known Social Security Filing Strategies

     •   The 4 Biggest Mistakes Made Buying LTCI

     •   "The Medicare Health Plan Report Card" for your community

     •   How to Protect your Retirement Against Inflation

     •   Life Expectancy for You __________________________________________________________________________________

On a daily basis we are bombarded with information on how to build a successful retirement strategy, but no one ever talks about how to prepare EMOTIONALLY for retirement.

The Six Emotional Stages in Retirement is a must read when preparing for your retirement.

7 Serious Life Transition during Retirement