With Premiums on the rise, Select Pointe offers individual health insurance alternatives at nearly HALF the price of Obamacare.

 Tired of paying ridiculously high premiums?  Are you are looking for a less expensive alternative and still avoid the ACA tax penalty? If you live a healthy lifestyle, this may be for you.

Altrua Healthshare Ministries

This is not Health Insurance. Healthshare Ministries are an alternative to health insurance.  Altrua enrolls health conscience people dedicated to living a healthy life style. Members agree to a certain standard of living. Healthcare costs are shared amongst members. Medical bills are processed and paid in the same manner as traditional health insurance.  There is no faith affiliation required. Altrua Healthshare members are also EXEMPT from the ACA tax penalty.

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In the links below are the requirements and exclusions for membership.

Altrua Height and Weight Chart, Medical Exclusions/Limitations, Medical Conditions

The Altrua Summary gives a brief overview of how the Altrua Healthshare Ministries works. For more detail, check out the entire Altrua Healthshare Member Guidelines.

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Are group plans an option?

Healthcare has drastically changed for 2017. In the past, group insurance was up to 40% more expensive than indiviual plans. However, because rates for individual health insurance plans have become so expensive, that is no longer the case. There are group plans available that will be less expensive than individual plans.

There are plans available using new techniques that can significantly reduce the cost of your group.

We work with employers and individual employees to determine if the group plan is the right option. Once goup rates are calculated, we will find the best combination of either group, a healthshare ministries plan, individual plans, and supplemental plans that work best for each individual and family.


Information you need to know

Healthcare Reform and how it affects Small Businesses

If you are an employer or an employee of a company with 50 or fewer employees, investigate defined contributions. The employer can save 30-60% and the employee can save another 30-60% or more. All of these factors leave small business owners asking "Can I reimburse employees for individual health insurance?" And, Can we do this tax-free?” The answer to both of these questions is yes.  

How to Reimburse Employees for Individual Health Insurance Tax-Free

A Select Pointe Professional will provide you a detailed cost savings analysis on a per employee basis to predetermine future savings.

Step 1: Employer Sets up a Formal Reimbursement Plan

The first step is for the employer to set up a self-insured medical reimbursement plan, also called a Healthcare Reimbursement Plan (HRP) or Section 105 Medical Reimbursement Plan. To comply with all applicable rules and regulations (discussed next), the reimbursement plan is structured to reimburse employees for:

  • Health insurance premiums up to a specified monthly healthcare allowance, and
  • Basic preventive health services without cost-sharing.
  • When the employer sets up the reimbursement plan, they determine monthly healthcare allowances and define which employees are eligible for the plan.
 Step 2: Employees Purchase a Health Insurance Plan

Each employee purchases an individual or family health insurance plan with their own money. Select Pointe agents will provide individual guidance both on or off the Marketplace. Some individuals or families may qualify for tax credits or cost sharing subsidies. These can significantly reduce the cost to the employee and employer.

 Step 3: Employer Reimburses Employees

Employees request reimbursement from the reimbursement plan. Once the premium expense is substantiated, the employer reimburses employees tax- free. Request detailed information how how to set up a compliant HRP by contacting Gary or Gable Adkins @ 615-617-9953 .vForiFor detailed infngs.

Employers can also reimburse employees with a taxable healthcare allowance. But, most employers and employees prefer a tax-free solution because of the cost savings.

 The Biggest Question?

If Select Pointe can save me 30-60% and provide equal or better coverage, why has my present benefit company or agent not mentioned this to me?

 The Answer

Follow the money!

 There are only three reasons

 1.)   Ignorance    2.)   Laziness    3.)   Greed

Which of these are you willing to accept?

 There are 5 key benefits of this solution:

  • Ability to stabilize and/or reduce employee benefit costs
  • Power to simplify the benefit management experience for the HR team or practice administrator.
  • Encourages employee engagement and education and healthcare utilization
  • Provides choice, flexibility and portability
  • Helps employees avoid penalties associated with the Affordable Care Act’s guidelines

As an insurance adviser, our clients are expecting us to help them more effectively manage their employee benefits dollars. We are here to educate them about all aspects of The Affordable Care Act, and Insurance Exchanges have many pros and cons that they need to be aware of before making any decisions.


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