Deductibles and maximum out-of-pocket expense are reaching nearly $7,000 per individual with no copays. That means if you have a major medical event you would be on the hook for all of that. Couple that with average premium increase of 62% and insurance is no longer affordable. Simply buying an insuance policy is no longer a cost effective solution to your healthcare needs.

Plus, the Affordable Care Act mandates that if you do not have health insurance for 2017, there is a tax penalty of 2.5% of your household income.

Thankfully, there are a few alternatives to traditional individual health insurance. In addition to healthshare ministries and HSA's, Select Pointe also offers supplemental insurance to help individuals and families pay for deductibles and other unexpected medical costs.

What is Supplemental Insurance? These are low cost insurance plans that pay you a lump sum cash payment in the event of a specified medical event.

Did you know that over 60% of bankruptcies are due to illness? And over 3/4 of those people have health insurance.

Do you know anyone who was diagnosed with cancer or Alzheimer's? Do you know anyone who had a heart attack or stroke? Of course, we all do. There are plans out there that will pay up to $100,000 if this happened to you.

Have you ever had surgery or spent the night in the hospital? There are plans that pay cash for those too.

By adding one of these plans, you have a way to pay your deductible if you have a major medical event.

People have figured out these plans are significantly less expensive than traditional health insurance, and it is hurting enrollment in the Affordable Care Act. Outsmarted once again, the government wants to put restrictions of these plans too.

Give us a call to find out more ablout plans and prices. 615-617-9953


Only need insurance for 3-6 months click 

"United Healthcare Short Term"  


Tax credits and/or a cost sharing subsidy may be available if the household income before taxes is less than:

Family of 5 < $112,000

Family of 4 < $96,000

Family of 3 <$80,000

Family of 2 < $63,000 

Single < $47,000

If you think you may qualify for financial assistance please call before you apply on the Marketplace. 615-617-9953

Humana and Cigna are the only companies in Tennessee for 2017 on the Marketplace. If you qualify for financial aid you must choose a plan from one of these four companies. Plans and networks have drasticall changed. And there may be better option elsewhere.

IMPORTANT!  We are certified agents on the federal marketplace. The Federal Insurance Marketplace website can be very confusing.  There are answers to questions asked on the Marketplace that may cause you to be denied coverage. You need to understand the intent of the question to give the correct truthful answer.

Select Pointe is here to help.  You may call us before you start or when you have questions.

615-617-9953 or

When you go to the Marketplace..YOU WILL HAVE QUESTIONS and need help!

The site will ask, “Is an agent assisting you with this application?”  Check “YES”;  Enter agent Name; Gary Adkins; FFM User ID gwaoktn, NPN # 7109854 

If you create an account on the Marketplace and get stuck, save the information and call 615-504-1422 or email

Regardless of the time: If you have a question, CALL. 615-504-3944


Dental Plans

Select Pointe also offers dental plans from these and other carriers.

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