Health Savings Accounts

Health Savings Accounts are the only long term solution to healthcare. What is a health savings account(HSA)? An HSA is savings account for healthcare. It can only be used for healthcare related expenses. A family can contribute up to $6,600 tax deductible into an HSA. It rolls over every year and earns interest. You are responsible for your money and paying for your healthcare. Why give your money to the insurance company? Keep it for yourself.

The Affordable Care Act mandates that you must have coverage that meets the ACA standards. Once you have fulfilled that requirement, it is time to fund your HSA. One consideration is to buy the least expensive health plan in your market, and put the savings difference you would have spent in an HSA. 

For our clients, we recommend HSAbank, the largest administrator of HSA's in the US. They have an excellent online program. It will also allows you to invest your saving in an HSA specific investment account.

If you are an individual interested in an HSA, click here.

For Employers interested in setting up an HSA for your employess, click here.