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Gary Adkins

Gary Adkins, President                  Brentwood, TN               Contact: gary.adkins@selectpointe.com

In 1998 my career path was altered after a life changing event occurred during my father's eight year struggle with Alzheimer's disease. It was followed in 2008 with my son Gable at 22 developing cancer. The emotional, physical and financial challenges faced by my mother and siblings for my Father and the astronomical cost of Cancer treatments made me painfully aware of the need for proper planning before it was too late. The loss of the family farm and assets, mother's (the caregiver) health and the harmony of my siblings would never have been sacrificed with proper planning. I started an agency that specialized in health, disability and long term care insurance helping hundreds of families prepare. I soon learned that many are misguided by friends, insurance agents and/or financial planners about these important coverages. My experiences lead to the opportunity to being a founding Vice-President of a Medicare Health Plan for seven years. I observed the good, the bad and the ugly of how healthcare is delivered, administered and paid for in our community. I studied early on the aspects of how the Affordable Care Act could actually help small businesses and individuals. I learned of a solution to the brokern group health Insurance system. "The Select Pointe Solution" is saving small businesses 30-60% on health insurance premiums. The Select Pointe team brings this insight to provide greater value to our clients.

Even though I have conducted hundreds of seminars, webinars, workshops and lectures for the Affordable Care Act, Medicare, Social Security, and long term care coverage, nothing gives me greater satisfaction than sitting across the kitchen table helping a client meet a healthcare or financial need.

The Select Pointe team has license in Tennessee, Mississippi, Georgia, Alabama, Arkansas, Louisiana and Oklahoma.  I invite you to get to know us. Let one of us help you.


Ben Davis

Ben Davis, Director of OutReach - Senior Services      Brentwood, TN     Contact: ben.davis@selectpointe.com

Working with businesses and individuals has taught me the importance of planning.  At age 50, 55, 60, 62 and 65 all plans need to be reviewed, renewed or adjusted. My first entry into the senior market was in the mid 1990's.  We introduced a payroll deductable item, long term care insurance, which ended up being my niche.  The stories about parents using all their retirement savings, having to sell the family home, and then depend on their children really struck a chord with me.  When Gary and I met we were both in the long term care insurance industry.  We saw a need to make available this extension of health insurance and started a company to address the needs of the 50+ generation.  The evolution of our experience lead to being a part of the foundation a local Medicare Advantage plan that turned into a 7 year journey focusing on the needs of our senior citizens.  Over the last 4+ years I have spoken to thousands in seminars, workshops, and gatherings sharing information necessary to make informed decisions about their Medicare, healthcare, long-term care and retirement planning.

At Select Pointe we are excited about the opportunity we can bring to the greatest generation and the baby boomers about the need to plan in the areas of long term care insurance, Social Security, Medicare options, inflation protection, and final expense.  If you would like this information shared with a group or organization, please contact me.

I can work with you one on one. If you have a business that is interested in providing group long term care as a benefit please contact me.  I look forward to being of service to you.

 Gable W. Adkins, Director of Operations           Brentwood, TN              Contact:gable.adkins@selectpointe.com

A degree in finance from the University of Kentucky and years in the banking industry laid the foundation for my career transition to Select Pointe. I am a licensed Registered Investment Advisor with FINRA and a licensed insurance agent in the states of Tennessee, Arkansas and Mississippi. Through Select Pointe, I have learned the ins and outs of the insurance industry from my partner and Father, while also contributing my own knowledge from the financial and securities industries, to more thoroughly fulfill the needs of our clients. I also team with an independent broker-dealer firm, licensed under LPL Financial, to provided the full array of tools necessary to combat the difficulties we all face when planing for retirement.

I enjoy helping our clients find practical solutions to guide them through a complex and ever changing industry, to a realistic idea of retirement. Through the use of Indexed and Variable Annuities, Mutual Funds, Life insurance, and many more, our wish is to help all our clients achieve peace of mind about their future. At Select Pointe, I bring a fresh and energetic approach to an industry where youth is a rarity.

In our industry, no one person knows all the answers, but through the Select Pointe team, we hope to be your trusted source for education, investments, and insurance for years to come.