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Today, only 50% of Small businesses offer employees health insurance due outragous costs that increase ever year. That is over 2.3 million small business that don't offer health benefits to their employees. Most employers, however, want to offer something but don't know where to begin. That is where we come in. Select Pointe works with dozens of business all over the southeast to find creative, low cost alternatives to help employeers and employees minimize their healthcare costs.

In this ever changing healthcare environment, what worked one year may not work the next year. That is why we are always up to date, finding the latest plans and programs that provide the lowest costs, while maximizing coverage for our clients.


Outragious rate increases for 2017 for major medical health insurance plans 

Tennessee 62%, Texas 57-60%Arkansas 24%, Louisiana 30%, Georgia 21.4%, Mississippi 43%

Creative soulution are available that can save you 50-80%.

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Off marketplace plans for 2017.

On marketplace plans are still available.

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Healthcare Coverage and retirement planning can be an overwhelming and frustrating experience. The Affordable Care Act's new mandates for Medical coverage combined with when to apply for Medicare and/or Social Security and whether to get long term care insurance is a daunting task.

At SelectPointe.com you will find a host of tools for research and education which allows you to expand your foundation of knowledge. Education can only take you so far. Just as there is a time to consult with a Doctor, Attorney, CPA, Computer Specialist, or Auto Mechanic, the same is true about speaking with a specialist in insurance. Some things in life are important enough that you want the expertise of a professional working on your behalf with many years of experience.

Select Pointe LLC is an independent brokerage firm operating primarily in Tennessee, Mississippi, Arkansas, Alabama, Georgia, Louisiana and Oklahoma.  We do not work for the insurance company or health plans. We just represent them.

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You are taking the first step. . We have organized pertinent information and interactive tools to help you understand Health and Medicare options, long term care coverage, inflation considerations and much more. We invite you to take your time and explore this information at your leisure. For questions, please feel free to contact us.

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